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We are an online retailer of TickTwister O'TOM which is manufactured by H3D, France

Customer Testimonials about Tick Twister® by O'TOM

Customer K.D. from Pennsylvania:
" I have had to use your twisters quite a few times in the past years and have found them easy to use and never ever had a problem with removing even the tiniest deer tick!! Shared them with others and now we need more ourselves! Thanks for a great product! "
Customer J.S. from Wisconsin:
" These are the GREATEST tick remover TOOL ever - our friends keep walking off with ours!!! Now they are making wonderful gifts!! Many Thanks. "
Customer K.J.:
" Thank you. I bought your product some time ago for use on my dog as I was desperate to find an easy and effective way to remove ticks. I just used it for the first time today and could not believe my eyes. In seconds, the tick was out in whole. "
Customer M.C. from Massachusetts:
" I am so satisfied with the TickTwisters as I've used them in the past and find that it is superior in ease of usage compared to other tick removal gadgets. I gave away my spares so I ordered more - I was so thrilled that my order was processed so quickly and came to my home 2 days after I ordered them online! Thank You! "
Customer N.N. from New York:
" I just wanted to write to say "thank you"! I hike everyday in the woods and even with repellant, I have had 7 attached ticks so far this season. Removing them always leaves me with an itchy, red swelling for days. A friend recommended the Tick Twister and I ordered it even though I was quite skeptical that it would work. I had the opportunity to use it the other day and I was impressed! It was so easy to use, the little bugger came right up and out, and best of all, I have had NO reaction to where it was attached --- no itching, no redness, no swelling. I am recommending it to everyone!"
Customer E. from California:
"I live in Big Bear City, Ca. We took our two dogs down to Ojai, which is beautiful land yet ticks are everywhere, to go camping. Upon returning home from the camping trip, we started finding the ticks. One of our dogs has very thick and long hair. The other has long yet finer hair. As we combed through, we found around 8 or so. We tried to use every method recommended by friends and vets that didn't use pesticides. Finally, we went to the Bear Valley Animal and Pet Supply, and he recommended the Tick Twister! We went home, after spending a grand total already of two days trying to get these pests off, and each tick we found after that was a breeze. After seeing how easily and painlessly the tick was removed from my dogs with the Tick Twister, I gained confidence that I could remove any tick that I found. I no longer feared finding another one to be left eating at my dog, or the fear of possibly leaving the head in the skin, or worrying what to do with it if I did get it out. So thank you! Ticks are no longer a "problem" because the Tick Twister is the perfect solution."
Customer L.R. from New York:
"I had the opportunity to see your product at work on one of my dogs last evening. I was so impressed, I had to order this morning and get some extra to give to my "dog" friends!"
Customer D.F. from Pennsylvania:
"Darn thing works like crazy, thank you!!!"
Customer L.G. from Wisonsin:
"I have had a Tick Twister for a few years now and just want to say that this is the best tick removing tool ever. I have two golden retrievers and have used the tool many, many times to remove ticks from them and myself. I have NEVER had a tick head left in when I have used this tool. It is so easy to use, just a couple twists and the entire tick comes right out - even the tiniest of ticks! I have been recommending this tool to all of my friends and give them out as Christmas gifts. What a wonderful product!"
Customer D.K. from North Carolina:
"I have been using the Tick Twister for a while and it is amazing how simple and efficient it is!"
Customer W.B. from California:
" We have an Australian Shepherd who is our trail dog when we go horseback riding. She loves the trail and also loves venturing off trail to pursue doggie interests like chasing deer, squirrels, birds and an occasional commercial airplane (she has a great imagination). While in pursuit of all of these adventures, she undoubtedly returns with a companion or two (ticks). For the past 4 years we have had a very difficult time effectively removing the ticks. We have talked to our vet about the proper procedure for tick removal and he says that it is really difficult and he usually ends up leaving the head of the tick in the animal. I recently ran across an ad for your product and watched your video on the removal procedure. Seemed easy enough so I ordered 4 packages to try them out. Shortly after receiving the Tick Twister we found another tick on our Aussie ... wow, an opportunity to try out our new tool. I separated the hair around the tick and placed the tip of the tool under the body of the tick and then made a couple of turns. The body immediately fell off and upon examination, the head was still attached to the tick. We have repeated the process several times on other ticks with the same success.

I will be placing an order for several more packages of Tick Twister to give as gifts to our dog friends in addition to our vet. Thank you, thank you... thank you. What a great product."
Customer A.C. from Connecticut:
"My Vet removed 3 ticks from my golden retriever in about 6 seconds. Wow! What a great invention!"
Customer S.D. from Illinois:
"I wish I could afford to distribute Tick Twisters to *EVERY* camper, hiker, horse lover, and backyard gardener. For now, Once I can afford to, I'll be pleased to be able to provide one to everyone I LOVE. I stepped outdoors (while visiting the Ozarks) to handle a brief emergency, only to later begin a two day drive home and learn I'd brought home a nymphal deer tick in each leg! The second wasn't found until day THREE! See what I get for being so squeamish?!!? Never again. I'm taking these little guys head on from here on out. Me and my Tick Twister! ... I had NO idea one could crawl up my legs and I'd NEVER know! I also learned first hand how they numb us up first so we have no idea we're being bitten. ... You have a firm follower and a frequent word-of-mouth supporter here forever more. "
We are a retailer of Tick Twister® by O'TOM which is manufactured by: H3D, 4 rue de l'épine, 01590 LAVANCIA, France
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